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What My Clients Say

Sunny is extremely knowledgeable about marketing and helped us figure out how to reach our target audience and get the biggest bang for our buck. But probably the most helpful thing has been the way Sunny has immersed herself in our business and generated newsletters and social media content with very little oversight from our small team. We needed someone smart and driven, and Sunny has been the perfect person to outsource this work to.
Lindsey Bingaman
I found Sunny to be very responsive, creative thinker with the ability to grasp our business very quickly. She was able to understand the challenges we face internally with our current organization and develop a strategy for improvement. As an owner of a business, I was struggling with several issues regarding attracting new talent, internal organization in terms of roles and responsibilites, and keeping company morale in a positive way. Sunny was able to provide a strategy going forward for my company to improve. She was able to present the strategy in a very clear, concise way with very achievable goals. I am excited about our future and have gained a renewed sense of motivation.
Mike Mazalon
Sunny is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes cynical industry. Every project she takes on is done with professionalism, dedication and a genuine smile on her face. Her high spirits and “can do” attitude keep those around her happy too. These attributes are not only important in keeping the morale of coworkers high, but they are also critical for a successful client/agency relationship. I’m so proud to be on a team with her.
Rebecca Demski
Sunny is amazing! We wouldn't have a successful marketing plan without her. It is clear she knows her stuff, and she follows through and makes it happen! I am so happy with her strategy plan for the company and the quality of the deliverables we've received, in terms of social media content, other marketing content, design, professionalism, etc. Can't recommend Sunny enough!
Megan Llonso
Sunny lives up to her name & much more! If you’ve been searching for a marketing person who is passionate, thorough, intelligent and very creative, look no further. I was impressed by her enthusiasm & genuine interest in learning my business from the first time we met. She thoroughly researched the market & came up with a brilliant, creative & thinking “outside-of-the-box” marketing plan we’ll be implementing for years to come. She is quick to respond & knowledgeable. Sunny worked very well with the website design team, photographer & videographer being the glue that held it all together with a smile on her face. Sunny is worth her weight in gold, & I am grateful for her being a part of the Verte Skincare team. Thank you, Sunny!
Tara Caswell
Sunny is one of the most diligent, dedicated marketers in the business, but perhaps most importantly, she works from the heart. Sunny has an uncanny ability to recognize the soul of a brand and bring that out into every marketing asset she helps create, whether it's a photograph, a headline, or even a simple icon. She listens to her clients, understands their needs, and builds a marketing plan from top to bottom, ensuring that every aspect of the plan is executed on flawlessly. Sunny's experience runs across a variety of industries, allowing her to be confident in any decision she makes and back up any recommendation she offers to a client. As if that isn't enough, she does all of this with an incredible attitude—she's always positive, encouraging, and upbeat. There's no challenge too big or too small, and there's no question she's unwilling to take a moment out of her day to answer. Truly, I would trust Sunny with any initiative, any brand design or redesign, or any campaign. She's just that good.
Sarah Petrie

Case Studies

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Integrated Holiday Campaign (B2C)

Goal: 15-30% growth in e-commerce sales for the month of December

Strategy: Integrated holiday marketing plan based on past performance and revenue marketing projections

Tactics: Email marketing, sales promotions, social media content & advertising, remarketing, content creation

• 45% increase in sales YOY
• 50% marketing attribution to sales for the month

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Setting Ourselves Apart (B2B)

Goal: Create a brand and social media presence to differentiate a B2B organization from competitors

Strategy: Brand strategy with a focus on unique selling proposition, messaging, marketing plan, full rebrand and awareness campaign

Tactics: Email marketing, digital advertising, social media content & advertising, content creation

• 250% website conversion increase
• 186% increase in web clicks from social platforms

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Understanding Our Audience (B2B)

Goal: Garner a better sense of customer perceptions around annual course offerings, specifically as it applied to a drop-off in registrations YOY

Strategy: Marketing research + plan

Tactics: Survey creation and deployment, analysis of results and recommendation of findings to management

• A new, more grounded event strategy for the new year
• Clarity around customer pricing and time objections, as well as a comprehensive list of topics of interest for the coming year

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