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My story, philosophy + mission

My Story

Hey there, I'm Sunny.

Yes, that’s my real name. I am a marketing strategist (aka Chief Opportunity Creator) living by the beach in Charleston, SC. I’ve been in the marketing and advertising industry for over 15 years—the past five of which have been dedicated to building my own marketing empire.

I created Sunny Dublick Marketing to help start-ups and small business owners create and grow the brand of their dreams. To cut through the bullshit of marketing and create go-to-market strategies that outlast the fads. All too often I hear how complicated or time consuming marketing can be, and it can be. But let me worry about that. I am here to take the tangled web of marketing off your shoulders and provide a simple, straightforward solution that aligns with your goals and your budget and ensures long-term success.

My goal is to revolutionize the marketing industry by offering the world’s most creative + effective marketing solutions to heart-centered businesses worldwide, creating a legacy of positive impact and modeling how businesses can truly change the world.

Outside of work, I am a taco enthusiast, wanderluster, book nerd, painter, and dog-influencer-in-the-making Mom to the world’s cutest Mini Aussie, Buffy.
Philosophy + Approach

I believe in a no bullshit approach to marketing.

My goal with every single project, big or small, is to apply a research-based, 360-degree approach to marketing. It starts with strategic thinking and goal setting, and goes all the way into the execution of our plan, and the measurement and adjustments I make based on what we’ve learned together.

Too many times I have seen clients left with great ideas…and no clue how to get them done. Or, the opposite—all of the execution without any sort of integrated strategy to back it. I remix it all for you under one roof and align all of our efforts to make marketing work for you.


2022 Charleston Award- Marketing Agency

Charleston Award Program

Golden ADDY – Branded Campaign

American Advertising Federation February 2014
Silver ADDY Award – Outdoor Ad
Silver ADDY- Publication Ad

Diamond Award- Brand Awareness Campaign

March 2015

Outstanding Service Award

American Marketing Association May 2016

Why Sunny Dublick Marketing?

For start-ups and small businesses looking for a fresh take on marketing with tactics that deliver real results, Sunny Dublick Marketing provides the most aligned solution. You get an award-winning marketing specialist that delivers a research-based strategy and go-to-market plan, as well as the tactical support of a CMO for all of your marketing initiatives to ensure complete integration and effectiveness.

My number one rule in marketing and in life is to be true to yourself. Our solutions are rooted in best practices, but we make sure they never deviate from the brand you have created, and where you want it to go.

As a tried and true marketer, I love my craft, but I hate the idea that marketing and creativity have to be separate. With Sunny Dublick Marketing you get a CMO, Strategist, Digital Expert and Creative Director all-in-one.

Your goals are my goals when it comes to marketing, and I spend all of my time working on achieving them for you. In addition, when you work with me you work with, well- me. You won’t be passed around to anyone else, I will be there with you the whole time, your marketing partner in crime. 


You want someone that knows what they’re doing. I could go on about my awards, reviews or case studies, but that’s just the beginning, and none of that is focused on you–which is what I want to be. Let’s talk and you can determine for yourself if I know my ‘ish. 


Let’s not be boring here. I’ll leave that to the statisticians of the world (no offense). I operate off the principal that marketing should be fun. You’re passionate about your business and what you sell, right? I am too! So let’s see that fire and get to work!

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