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Marketing that Outlasts the Fads

Stop Wasting Money on Marketing that Doesn't Work

The #1 thing I hear from clients is how much money they have wasted on marketing that doesn’t work. Here’s the thing.. the average person gets more than 4,000 marketing messages a day. You need to be different if you want to get through to them. Cause they’re just like you- exhausted and tired of being sold to.

I bring the human element back to marketing and get us understanding and talking to our customers FIRST. From there I create a strategy and plan to connect with them- so you can start attracting business and stop chasing it.

Who I work with:

• Start-ups looking to establish a solid brand foundation and develop an actionable go to market plan

• Small + medium-sized businesses nationwide seeking clarity, growth, impact, increased awareness and/or greater connection with their audience

• Passionate founders who 💛 what they do + what their business stands for

What is it I do here?

  • Make your marketing better, smarter, simpler and more effective
  • Push the boundaries of traditional marketing thinking to inspire my clients to create the aspirational brands of the future
  • Provide actionable insights from the people that know, use and love your brand to help you play to your strengths and set yourself apart from your competitors 
  • Create alignment between our brand, message, audience and marketing initiatives to optimize efficacy and efficiency
  • Identify your unique selling proposition so you are able to cut through the marketing clutter and connect with your audience
  • Draw up tactical + actionable marketing plans to help you reach your goals

Core Services

Brand Insights

The clarity you need to make informed decisions with actionable results.

Brand Strategy

Build trust and a brand that gives your customers something to believe in, while ensuring you are working on the right business and marketing activities.

Marketing Consulting

You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers. Let’s work together to troubleshoot your biggest marketing challenges.

How It Works

My services are designed to work together as an integrated approach, a wheel of fortune if you will. Each offering was created to meet the needs I have seen clients struggle with most. 

While I offer a set of packages based on some of the common challenges I see business owners face, I can easily tailor a customized plan for you based on the outcome of our initial assessment call. My intention is to ensure you only pay for what you really need. 

Too many times I have had clients come to me saying how much money they have wasted on marketing that doesn’t work. Sold packages they didn’t need, with no easy way out of the contract. I think you deserve better. So I give more choices, more flexibility and the promise you will deal with me directly, though every part of the process.

If you are not sure what your next move is when it comes to marketing- you are in the right place.

Keynote Speaking

Looking for an expert speaker, panelist or trainer to help you and your company, team or organization better understand and apply strategic marketing principals? 

I’m your girl.

Some requested topics include:

  • The 1 Thing You NEED to Know About Marketing to be Successful
  • Understanding Consumer Behavior: The Mindstate Model
  • Do Less (and Sell More) with the 3 Pillars of Marketing Success
  • How to Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy
Stephanie Augustin

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