Marketing Consulting

Custom solutions to meet the needs of your brand.

How I help

Solving Your Unique Marketing Challenges

Picture this scenario: Something isn’t right with your current marketing efforts. You’re not 100% sure what you need, but you know something’s gotta change. Or maybe you already have a marketing team, but they’re new to the game and need some guidance. Just call me your marketing Yoda. Okay, don’t do that. But DO let me help you with these things.

Before you scoff at this, let me just highlight the importance of consulting and coaching. You’ve got a business to run, right? You don’t have time to figure all this stuff out, and you don’t have time to keep trying to hire new people that you hope will work or find professional development courses that may or may not make a difference. That’s why I’m here. This isn’t some cookie-cutter class you find. I build training and solutions for your brand and work with your rock star team to grow some big marketing chops.

Rely on me to build out high-level, custom solutions for your business or guide your current employees with marketing coaching, one-on-one planning, and strategy building. This means I’m not creating a solution in a vacuum that will cease to work the moment I am gone—I’m working with you and your team to build the foundation for a successful marketing program, together. One that, by the time our engagement is complete, you will feel energized and empowered to carry out.

This is great for small businesses or companies that have a rocking coordinator or administrator, but those people don’t know the marketing ropes. I’ll put together training sessions and targeted packages to teach them the tricks of the trade.


Consulting Packages

Startup Package

Up to 4 consulting hours/month

Enterprise Package

Up to 10 consulting hours/month

Training Package

Up to 8 coaching hours + 4 flex Q&A consulting hours

Here’s the key takeaway: I help create the foundation of a great marketing program for your brand. Consulting is an amazing way to build out a flexible partnership with me where I can help you with anything and everything marketing—all the way from building out campaigns to employee onboarding + training. I can also help you find and articulate your brand’s “Why.” Consulting can be a great way to build out Corporate Social Responsibility policies to prove: 1. you’re more than just a sales machine, 2. you stand for something greater, and 3. you make an impact. 

With my consulting and training services, the sky is the limit. In the past, I have worked with clients on everything from building out new products/services to organizational development and onboarding. I also offer group coaching/training for up to 25 people. 

My consulting packages are flexible. You can book me for an allotted number of hours or for a specific project. Let’s work together on a package that is perfect for your business’s needs.


How Can I Help You Succeed?

Let's schedule time to review your biggest marketing challenges and my plan for overcoming them.

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