Marketing Consulting

A flexible approach to solving your big marketing + business challenges.

Custom Marketing Support

Picture this scenario: Something isn’t right with your current marketing efforts. You’re not 100% sure what you need, but you know something’s gotta change. Or.. maybe you are launching a new business and don’t know where the heck to start. Or you already have a marketing team, but they’re new to the game and need some guidance. All of the above are real cases and the reason why I offer consulting services. 1:1 time to figure out what you need and get support to improve, implement and guide your brand in the right direction.

Just call me your marketing Yoda. Okay, don’t do that. But DO let me help.

Consulting is an amazing way to build out a flexible partnership with me where I can help you with anything and everything marketing– building out new products/services, organizational development and onboarding, campaign support, group coaching/training– you name it, I got you.

My consulting packages are designed for maximum flexiblity. You can book me for an allotted number of hours or for a specific project. Let’s find the package that is perfect for what you need.

Consulting Packages

Startup Package

Up to 4 consulting hours/month

Enterprise Package

Up to 10 consulting hours/month

Training Package

Up to 8 coaching hours + 4 flex Q&A consulting hours


How Can I Help You Succeed?

Let's schedule time to review your biggest marketing challenges and my plan for overcoming them.