Brand Strategy + Marketing Planning

Your secret weapon for long term growth + success

building clarity, consistency + connection

I'm going to let you in on a secret...

Strategy and planning are hands down the most crucial components of any marketing. It may not sound very sexy, but trust me when I say providing clarity and direction for your brand is…well, let me put it this way, 9 times out of 10 businesses are looking for quick results, but 10 out of 10 audiences respond better to a well thought out message tied in with a strategic plan.

Think of the world’s best brands. Nike. Apple. Amazon. What do they have in common? A clear message, an aspirational presence, and a sense of confidence in who they are and what they provide their customers. This isn’t accidental. This was planned through a foundational brand strategy and brought to life with a tactical marketing plan. I look at these brands, and what I really see is the team of geniuses working behind the curtains to make the magic happen.

THIS is the missing step you need to be successful in marketing your business. Not a bigger budget or another social platform. Let’s take a step back from the shiny objects and silver bullets of marketing and get to a higher-level view—because it is my firm belief that foundational marketing theory and application never go out of style.

Basic Strategy + Planning

Designed for newly established businesses in need of "the basics" for launch of a new brand or product/service.

This package includes the essential elements of a foundational brand strategy, as well as a summary-level marketing plan with a recommended budget and timeline.

Advanced Strategy + Planning

For brands seeking long-term, sustainable growth and clarity in their current offerings.

The advanced package is a robust offering including custom marketing research, a full brand strategy, brand audit and a detailed marketing plan with actionable next steps for execution.

Custom Strategy + Planning Package

Let's create the perfect framework for your brand.

Custom brand strategy and marketing planning packages available upon request.

Building a Brand Strategy

My marketing strategies are all based on research. Why? Because I don’t create any strategies or plans based on speculation. I do the diligence of talking to you and your other brand stakeholders, as well as your clients. I look at the metrics you have in place, and I take a 30,000 ft view into your industry ecosystem to get a 360 view of your business. When I come back to you with my recommendations, they are based on solid facts and data.

This gives you a crystal clear look at your brand, as well as the context around your industry’s benchmarks, marketing performance, competitors, and trends. But more important than that, it offers you some of the most essential information about your audience and how your messaging is (or is not) being received. Here’s the equation I live by:

Saying the Right Thing + The Right People = Great Marketing

Audiences Liking It = Sales

Strategy is what I do best. It’s my bread and butter, my eggs and bacon, my chocolate syrup and milk. When you combine the two things, it creates *chef’s kiss* magic. Your marketing strategy will solidify “why” you do what you do, the “who” you’re talking to, and “what” is it that you are offering, so your brand is communicating its value clearly while still distinguishing itself from the rest of your competitors. It’s the bat signal for your audience, and it’s where marketing success is made.

Creating an Effective Marketing Plan

After building a marketing strategy, we’ll delve into market planning. This answers the question of “where” you’re using your strategy and “how” you’re using it. You want sexy metrics, thrilled audiences, and news to report to the higher-ups? This is it. This is market planning. This is where we turn a strategy into success—and it’s going to be a hell of a lot more than just an Instagram ad.

Think back to those big brands of the world. You didn’t see that ad, hear that song, or know about the latest unicorn latte by accident. They found you because they wanted you to see them. The world’s most successful brands are based on marketing strategy, planning, and research, and they take that knowledge and spread it into actionable, integrated marketing campaigns to engage customers in multiple different ways. That’s what I am here to help you do. And when we’re done? Dust our shoulders off.

How We Work Together

I like to say what I do is sort of like brand therapy. As such, collaboration is key. For me, it’s essential that I am not creating in a vacuum—everything needs to feel authentic and aligned, otherwise, it’s just pretty words and content. So I make it a point to establish transparent relationships with my clients, not only because I  want to make sure we’re on the same page—but also because I believe in a no-BS approach to marketing. That’s what truly allows us to cut through all the noise and create a presence you and your team are so proud of.


Ready for World Domination?

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