Brand Strategy

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I’m going to let you in on a secret…

Brand Strategy is hands down the most crucial component of any marketing effort. It may not sound very sexy, but trust me when I say providing clarity and direction for your brand is. 9 times out of 10 businesses are looking for quick results, but 10 out of 10 audiences respond better to a well thought out message from a brand they believe in. 

THIS is the missing step you need to be successful in marketing your business. Not a bigger budget or another social platform. Let’s take a step back from the shiny objects and silver bullets of marketing and get to a higher-level view—because it is my firm belief that foundational marketing theory and application never go out of style.

Want to take a peek behind the curtain?

I’m a very visual person, so I get the need to want to “see” what this looks like. Grab 15 minutes of my time for a sample strategy run-through. 

Essentials Package

Designed for newly established businesses in need of "the basics" for launch of a new brand or product/service.

Growth Package

For brands seeking long-term, sustainable growth and clarity in their current offerings.

Custom Strategy

Let's create the perfect framework for your brand.

My approach to Brand Strategy

My approach starts with research. Why? Because I can’t tell you who you are or what you need to do based on speculation.  I do the diligence of talking to you and your other brand stakeholders, as well as your clients. I look at the metrics you have in place, audit your marketing initiatives to date and I take a 30,000 ft view into your industry ecosystem to get a 360 view of your business. When I come back to you with my recommendations, they are based on solid facts and data.

This gives you a crystal clear look at your brand, as well as the context around your industry’s benchmarks, marketing performance, competitors, and trends. But more important than that, it offers you some of the most essential information about your audience and how your messaging is (or is not) being received.

Strategy is what I do best. It’s my bread and butter, my eggs and bacon, my chocolate syrup and milk. Your marketing strategy will solidify “why” you do what you do, “who” you’re talking to, and “what” is it that you are offering them, so your brand is communicating its value clearly while still distinguishing itself from the rest of your competitors. It’s the bat signal for your audience, and the foundation of all your marketing success.

The world’s most successful brands are intentional. They apply their strategies into success. That’s what I am here to help you create. 


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