Marketing Research

The move to make when you don’t know your next move.

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All too often I see businesses throwing darts at the dartboard, hoping for better results. ‘Well maybe we should try this…’ It wastes time, money and energy that you don’t have to spare. You know what is awesome? Information. And knowing what to do with it. That’s where Marketing Research comes in.

There is a common misconception that Marketing Research has to be super expensive, time consuming and complicated. It can be, but it doesn’t HAVE to be. At the end of the day we are talking to real people, just like yourself. It’s all about knowing where to look and what questions to ask.

I beg you, start HERE first. Before you waste countless pounds and start banging your had against the wall in frustration of what to do next. 

I can support you with brand auditing, which is taking a peek under the hood and seeing what’s going awesome and what needs a little TLC, and custom brand insights, which generate invaluable primary data for your business. 

Brand insights take the form of anything and everything from custom survey design, In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) with your customers, employees or other business stakeholders, and secret shops. I work with you to chat about your problems or burning questions, and design a plan to get answers. You get a custom insight report with key findings and actionable insights.


Cliff’s Notes: I get you the information you need to impact your bottom line

Brand Audit

See how your marketing stacks up.
A brand audit gives you the full perspective on everything you are doing right, areas of opportunity and improvement, as well as a full report of recommendations for optimizing your marketing spend and improving ROI.
Think of it as your marketing report card, it's the easiest way to pinpoint where you are wasting resources and show you how to course-correct.

Brand Insights

If you are truly looking to move the needle and create major marketing impact, look no further than SDM brand insights. I design a custom plan for you based on your needs and all those burning questions for your audience you never knew how to ask. Our insight report summarizes all of the key takeaways, along with recommendations on how you can implement and update your brand experience for happier customers and higher sales.

What does it look like?


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