Sunny Dublick Marketing Testimonial 1

Lindsey Bingaman
Consultant, Coach and Coaching Practice Lead at Teleos Leaders

“Sunny is extremely knowledgeable about marketing and helped us figure out how to reach our target audience and get the biggest bang for our buck. But probably the most helpful thing has been the way Sunny has immersed herself in our business and generated newsletters and social media content with very little oversight from our small team. We needed someone smart and driven and Sunny has been the perfect person to outsource this work to.”



Mike Mazelon
Owner at Royal Glass, LLC

“I found Sunny to be very responsive, creative thinker with the ability to grasp our business very quickly. She was able to understand the challenges we face internally with our current organization and develop a strategy for improvement. As an owner of a business, I was struggling with several issues regarding attracting new talent, internal organization in terms of roles and responsibilites, and keeping company morale in a positive way. Sunny was able to provide a strategy going forward for my company to improve. She was able to present the strategy in a very clear, concise way with very achievable goals. I am excited about our future and have gained a renewed sense of motivation.”




Rich Stillman
Partner at Altus Alliance | hands-on revenue accelerator | executive leader/coach | creator of the 6 Block System

“I’ve worked with Sunny closely for several months this year. She stepped into a director level marketing position, quickly assessed the situation, and was making value added contributions in a matter of hours.

She is well versed in all phases of marketing, especially content marketing and all things social. She’s also extremely organized and can juggle a lot at once and deliver on deadline. I look forward to working with Sunny again in the future.”



 TonyTony Guerra
Language Industry Advocate, Multicultural Communications Consultant

“Sunny is one of the most exceptionally gifted, imaginative and effective additions that any marketing team might have the good fortune to have on board. She is a quick study,incredibly impressive at multitasking, creative copy, branding, not to mention expert presentation skills, meeting tight deadlines – and achieved all with the greatest smile, boundless energy and superb attitude, she has the unique ability to collaborate and effectively pull together multiple contributors to strategy – management, marketing, finance, and production teams- to come up with winning and beautiful results. She is a gem!”



MattMatt Gurin
Executive Coach, Advisor to Teams and Organizations at Teleos Leaders

“Sunny is a mature and confident marketing professional and project manager whose energy and can-do attitude never seems to falter. While at Hay Group I worked with Sunny on everything from thought leadership and social media to sales forecasting and event planning. She deftly balances youthful creativity with a business edge that belies her age and given name.”



ColinColin Owens
Marketing & Business Development Director at Jackson Spalding

“Sunny has energy and enthusiasm that you just can’t teach. To me, those are the most important aspects you can have as a professional. Technical expertise can be taught, but you can’t teach someone to have ideas and to care – Sunny has those intangibles.

I really enjoyed working with Sunny. She was a great teammate – always willing to jump in and help, many times before she even knew what she would be asked to do or what the problem was. She was always looking for new and different ways to do things; not just for the sake of doing things differently, but to create greater impact or find more efficient ways to go about tasks.

I miss working with her but would welcome the chance to do so again. I am sure others who have worked with her feel the same way.”



RebeccaRebecca Demski
Digital Project Manager at Inverse Paradox

“Sunny is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes cynical industry. Every project she takes on is done with professionalism, dedication and a genuine smile on her face. Her high spirits and “can do” attitude keep those around her happy too. These attributes are not only important in keeping the morale of co-workers high, but they are also critical for a successful client/agency relationship. I’m so proud to be on a team with her.”

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