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Marketing that Outlasts the Fads

what exactly do you do here?

I accelerate your business growth through strategy-centered solutions.

Hey there, I’m Sunny. I’m a marketing specialist focused on brand strategy and go-to-market planning.

My approach is rooted in marketing theory and proven concepts that have withstood the test of time. I work with you to apply those to your brand to create a crystal clear picture of who you are, who your product or service is for and how to cut through all the marketing clutter and reach them with a message that matters.

Who I work with:

• Start-ups looking to establish a solid brand foundation and develop an actionable go to market plan

• Small + medium-sized businesses nationwide seeking clarity, growth, increased awareness and/or greater connection with their audience

• Passionate founders who 💛 what they do 

I am awesome at:

• Creating research-based brand strategies to align who we are and what we do best with our messaging and audience

• Defining your ideal customers to ensure we’re talking to the right people

• Finding your unique selling proposition so you are able to cut through the marketing clutter and connect with your audience

• Drawing up tactical + actionable marketing plans to help you reach your goals

• Managing your marketing initiatives to ensure alignment and integration

What i do


Brand Strategy

Laying the brand foundation.

Marketing Planning

Your blueprint to marketing success.

Fractional CMO Services

Managing the marketing mess.

How It Works

My services are designed to work together as a 1-2-3-step, integrated approach. 

Strategy development is where we begin, and from there, we transition into marketing planning. Once both the strategy and plan are approved and the proposed budget is finalized, we shift gears into the execution and management phase: CMO Services. CMO Services are designed to continue on an ongoing basis until the point you are ready to make an internal hire or are no longer in need of services.

For those looking for more flexible options to work together, and that are not in need of my flagship model, I offer a series of consulting packages to help you address shorter-term, specific issues as it pertains to your marketing.

My goal is to make sure your marketing needs are met from every point in the process.

Keynote Speaking

Looking for an expert speaker, panelist or trainer to help you and your company, team or organization better understand and apply strategic marketing principals? 

I’m your girl.

Some requested topics include:

  • The 1 Thing You NEED to Know About Marketing to be Successful
  • A Classic Take: Marketing that Outlasts the Fads
  • Do Less (and Sell More) with Anti-Trendy Marketing
  • How to Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategy
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