Why is Primary Data Essential for the Success of a Business?

Why is Primary Data Essential for the Success of a Business?

As a business owner, it is essential to your success to know what your customers think about your business and their experience with your service or product.

​Primary Data is one of the most essential forms of market research that helps you do just that. Not only does it build relationships and boost customer loyalty, but it also saves time and money in the long run.

Why is Primary Data essential to the success of business? Simple– If you do not know what your customers think of your business or product, you are simply shooting an arrow in the dark and hoping it lands on the target. By implementing Primary Data into your Marketing Strategy, you are given the opportunity to reach your customers where they currently are and join in on the conversation they are already having, targeting pain points, and optimizing messaging to impact more people and close more sales. 

By tracking Primary Data, you get better data accuracy because you are taking data directly from your target customers. This gives you more control over the data and more means for research.

The Dream Team: Primary Data + Revenue Marketing

Revenue Marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on increasing sales or revenue by intentionally targeting customers who are “ready” to make a purchase.

When Primary Data and Revenue Marketing are use together… That is where the magic happens. 

Primary Data is the tool understanding your audience and customers. Revenue Marketing is the use of that data to target the customers who are ready to take action. 

Revenue Marketing allows you to get a fine tuned look into what is working from a conversion perspective, and using that to inform our decisions around offerings and marketing, align the internal team to focus on the customers, their needs, and the goals of the organization, and create revenue goals based in predictive analytics, that are measurable and achievable for the team.

Examples of Primary Data: 

  • Customer Surveys
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Focus Groups

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