I believe that behind every brand is a great idea. A passion, a need to bring something into the world that wasn’t there before. 

I also believe that marketing is supposed to be fun.


To me, marketing is a way to showcase a brand, to change perceptions, to motivate, to engage, to WOW. Too often we get lost in the course of our day-to-day business activities and stresses that we forget our raison d’etre. We forget why we were so excited to create or work for a company in the first place. I want to change all that.  I want to help you bring the life back into your organization.

Do you know the Genie in Aladdin? I guess I am hoping that’s what you can come to think of me as.



While there is not formal “method” to marketing, I have often had people ask about how I propose to go about completing a project or task. Every time its different, but that does not exclude me from having an outline in my head of things I like to know in order to get the job done. Below is a brief overview of the way I approach marketing as a science.


It all starts with a problem that needs solving– every brand is different and therefore has their own unique issues. These can encompass anything from entering new geographic markets to testing out a social media strategy to drive sales. Once the problem is identified its time to go to work:

  1. Create SMART goals– What is the desired outcome of the project and how will we measure it?
  2. Define the key brand elements & stakeholders– These will be our assets in the process, and the items to which we will do process checks against to ensure our outcome will be successful.
  3. Conduct research– This doesn’t always mean sending out survey’s or doing focus groups, it could be as simple as having conversations with the key members of management, customers, or conducting competitive or other secondary types of research.
  4. Formulate a strategy– Our hypothesis, or our overlying strategy that we will test moving forward.
  5. Create & execute a marketing plan– Now that we have our strategy, how will we communicate that to our target audiences? The marketing plan is our playbook, so to speak. This involves all of the 4 P’s, as well as media placement, creative development and web programming. Let’s go to work.
  6. Measure and track progress against your goals– The point at which data can be gathered and our results can be measured against our intended SMART goals. The “moment of truth!”
  7. Adjust and advance– No great marketing strategy works forever. Should the results not be what is intended, its time to go back to our strategy and plan and test some adjustments. It is essential to have our marketing plan remain fluid, and build on its foundation.