Marketing Strategy

Adept in performing primary and secondary marketing research methods- crafting, distributing and analyzing quantitative surveys and IDIs, and creating marketing strategies based on key insights derived from the data.

Marketing Planning

Creator of integrated marketing plans for clients-- elements of which include SWOT analysis, segmentation, buyer profiles, targeting, positioning, branding, promotional mix recommendations, pricing strategies/budgets and more.

Marketing Analysis

Customized report generation to measure ROI and detect patterns in order to improve upon results.

Social Media Marketing

Proficient in marketing methods (both organic and paid) for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Creator and manager of content and creative for clients to drive actionable results, both in followers and website conversions- an example impact included a Facebook following rise from 800 to 10,000 within the first 3 months.

Email Marketing

Knowledgeable of email best practices, ability to create and distribute targeted campaigns.

Digital Advertising

Knowledgeable of AdWords and capable of conducting keyword research and paid search campaigns. Expertise in advertising for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter.

Content Creation

Creator of blogs, web content, social media posts, emails, interviews, case studies and more. Developer of eye-catching imagery to supplement copy. See portfolio for writing samples.

Lead Funnel Creation

Implementer of a lead generation process that grabs contact information through gated content and landing page creation, and nurtures them through a series of email campaigns, remarketing and social targeting that results in "warm" prospects and sales.