I am a sucker for a good cause, and while I have been able to find a significant amount of enjoyment in my career and personal life, nothing makes me more fulfilled than knowing I have done something good for others. Below is a list of some of the causes I have been, or currently am involved with, including links if you would like to make a contribution as well:


Lemon Society of Philadelphia– I began volunteering for the Lemon Society at the encouragement of a friend who was on the board. Each year they run a speakeasy event that raises money for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. After my first event, I decided to get more involved in what I saw to be a great cause, and signed up to be on the board to help out with promotions and donations for the annual speakeasy event. Not only did I meet a lot of great people, I also helped to raise donations benefiting an amazing cause. Getting to dress up like a flapper was just an added bonus.



Stop Solider Suicide– I read a fact online that 22+ veterans commit suicide every day. I couldn’t believe it. I have many veterans in my family and among my friends and wanted to contribute in some way, which is how I came across Stop Solider Suicide. They have a challenge called 22 in 22 I took part in last September to run 22 miles (or more) in 22 days and raise money toward providing veterans with the help they need.



Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia– Here is a sad story about how I went to the ACCT one day to “foster” a cat (I use quotation marks as said foster is now still in my ownership 5 years later) with an old roommate. Walking in I was heartbroken, there were cages upon cages of animals. I had been to shelters before, but none this big. I learned that the ACCT is the only intake shelter in Philly– which means they are required by law to take in any animal, abused, abandoned or surrendered.  I have always had a soft spot for animals and have always wanted a dog, so I decided I was going to do what I could to make these animals happy and get them outdoors. It started out with a training where I realized the incredible power of pit-bulls to drag me by my own leash, but with time and practice I have learned so much about their breed and how amazingly loving shelter pets can be. Each time I volunteer I post photos of the animals, not to make others feel guilty, but to raise awareness and show that great pets can be found through adoption.

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