Naming A Small Business

Was Shakespeare wrong? A Brand Naming Guide For Small Businesses

The legendary William Shakespeare once wrote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” to imply that a name does not affect who or what something really is at its core. While this may have been true for Romeo & Juliet, I am inclined to disagree. Names have power, ESPECIALLY when it comes…

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Marketing Must-Haves

My Marketing Must-Haves

One of my favorite articles in People is always the “What’s In Your Bag” feature. I like to see the must-haves and go-to’s of celebrities, and finding out what we do (and most often do not) consider our essentials. Along those lines I started thinking about my must-haves as a marketing professional– while most of…

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: How personal is too personal?

As marketers we have been taught that our value lies in creating customized brand experiences for the masses. Which, is not that difficult with all of the technology available to us. We can tell which prospects opened our emails, what they clicked on, if they purchased and what other products they have looked at. We…

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My first year as a freelance marketing specialist

  I have heard this phrase a lot, yet never has it felt so true. A year ago today I had just been laid off, I was living in Philadelphia without a clue of where my life was headed or what I would do for money. I happened to get very lucky and quickly found…

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Are you missing the mark on your social media marketing?

One of the most common themes I see with clients is a lack of clarity when it comes to the social media space. I often hear questions like “why do I need to do this?” “what do I post?” “how can this help my business?” I like to say, social media is an extension of…

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The best piece of career advice I’ve ever received

I’ll be honest: starting out in the business world was terrifying for me. I knew graduating from college that I was smart, I knew that I was driven, but I didn’t really know what waited me on the other side of graduation. Fear of the unknown is always stressful, but I put myself out there…

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Metrics for days, but what does it all mean?

ROI: We hear about it all the time. The need to prove that the budget dollars allocated to marketing are driving results. In today’s digital age there are countless metrics at our disposal: Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, ActOn, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, endless ways to track and measure- should be easy, right? Yes, in…

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California Part 4: SoCal

And now..the dramatic conclusion to my California Travel Blog series..SoCal! Let me first tell you that I want nothing more than to live in San Diego. I love San Diego so very much. A few years ago I took my first Cali trip with my roommate Kelly, as soon as we saw the seals at La…

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California Part 3: Big Sur or Bust

By far the best part of our trip was Big Sur. You must go there. If you haven’t been, pack your bag right this instant and get on your way. It’s unlike any place I have ever been. We started the Big Sur leg of our trip based on the advice of our waitress from dinner in Monterey the…

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California Part 2: On the road

Monday morning bright and early we were on the road! Armed with our luxury Hyundai Elantra we sped off (Rob was driving, naturally) and out of San Fran, eager to see the rest of the West Coast. First stop: Half Moon Bay. The second I saw pictures I knew we had to see it in-person, its…

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