During my time at Finch Brands, I was lucky to be able to work on several prestigious brands under the Frederick Wildman & Sons Importers portfolio, Folonari being the largest of these projects.

Based in Italian tradition, Folonari was a wine brand seeking to cut through the clutter and make a statement in the market. The project began with an extensive market research phase including quantitative surveys sent out nationally, as well as qualitative follow up interviews based on those respondents who knew wine best. Through our research we were able to determine that the millennial audience was Folonari’s major untapped target, and set to work coming up with a strategic marketing campaign based off our findings.

One of the key elements was the line “Amore, Italia”, which was not only a link to Folonari’s Italian origins, but also tapped into the target audience perception that Italian wine was superior to others, and harbored a romantic and elegant spirit in its taste. Creative items were designed to showcase the ‘hero’, the bottle itself, to increase brand recognition in-store, as we discovered the majority of wine decisions are made there. Colors were assigned to each varietal to give each a unique persona.

The campaign has played out across many different mediums since its creation: In print publications, on bottle signage(neckers), product cases, social media elements and more. All of these items reinforce the brand image and perception of Folonari being a paramount Italian wine brand.