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  • Brown-Forman

During my time at Finch Brands I was the Account Manager on a “Whiskey Roadmap” project intended for the salesforce of Brown-Forman to distinguish their portfolio of spirits from the massive amount of competitors entering the marketplace.

The project included storytelling on behalf of each of the organizations’ unique brands, all of which were showcased in a comprehensive and visually appealing sales manual that used a number of unique printing techniques to convey a gritty, distinguished, physical representation of the brand.

Furthermore, the story was brought to life through a video. I worked to select an appropriate and voice-over talent as well as a production artist that utilized B-roll footage along with animation techniques to instill a sense of pride in the Brown-Forman name and its portfolio of spirits.

The video and manual were presented company-wide at the annual meeting to great reviews, and work continued afterward in the form of print advertisements and email blasts.