I hate to play favorites, but as clients go, Diamond Credit Union was the BEST. I was assigned to the account at Finch, and my first thought was “I have no idea what a credit union even is”. Not only did I learn all about them, I also was able to help create a truly amazing campaign with a really engaged, incredible group of people.

Let me back up. The Diamond project was a research/strategy/campaign project with the goal of raising awareness for the organization within the local Berks County Community. While the bank had a loyal customer base, many people in the area were not aware of the unique benefits of credit unions and the advantages of having a local bank.

We kicked off the project with competitive and secondary research, followed by interviews with employees at the various branches. Never have I seen a group of folks so happy to work for the company that they do, it was incredible. Not to mention, a place with such a large investment in the community, in helping one another..and thus came the term “That’s Younity”.

Younity is all about a banking institution that is looking out for you- not profits, not the bottom line. The people here really know and understand their customers, which is reflected in better loan rates and fees. Diamond was adamant that they wanted nothing more than to help their customers secure a better financial future, and it was 100% genuine. Younity fit them to a T.

The best part? How it was brought to life. We had a photo shoot with Diamond customers & employees to let them be our hometown heroes on Billboard and commercials. Quirky and welcoming sayings like “The future of banking isn’t a bank” and “You don’t just bank here, you belong here” were created. We then painted the town blue with direct mailers, outdoor and in-branch signage, a microsite, radio spots and a TV commercial. There was a lot of work involved in this campaign, but the best part was seeing how Diamond embraced it internally. T-shirts were made, their philanthropic activities had “Younity” written all over them, whats more–employees were excited about it.

There is nothing that makes a branding gal happier than seeing a living, breathing testament to the hard work you put in. Younity became more than a tagline, it is now a fully integrated part of the Diamond Credit Union brand and business.

Check out the commercial below:

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