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Ensure Strategic Alignment Among All of Your Marketing Initiatives

One of my biggest industry peeves is the discrepancy between marketing strategy and execution. What I mean by that is that it’s easy to find individuals or agencies to give you great ideas. It’s also just as easy to find someone to run your ads or post to your social media accounts. What’s rare is finding both. Expert execution matched by thoughtful, strategic insight. It’s far too easy for that to get lost in translation.

I created a CMO services offering to bridge the gap for my clients that need a marketing expert to get them from strategy to implementation. That includes the full translation of your agreed-upon marketing plan, hiring of and/or coordination with all vendors, updating you on results and recommendations for improvement along the way.

Cliff’s Notes version: I make your marketing dreams come true, ensuring alignment + results. 

CMO Services

Includes management of marketing budget and resources, development of marketing goals and plans based on industry trends, budget, and company-wide goals, advanced monthly metrics and ROI reporting for all marketing initiatives, along with recommendations and ideas for improvement. Minimum (6) month investment.

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