Branding Services

Branding Services

I don’t need to say this because we all know it: Having a strong brand is crucial to your success as a company. Why? Because your branding is what separates you from your competitors—both those that exist now and those that might come down the pipeline in the future. Your branding should be strong enough to survive the blind brand test: If you took your logo and name off your website, would anyone know it was you? Would they be able to differentiate you from your competitors? If your answer is no, then I’ve got great news: I’m available, and we need to talk. Branding is a key component of WHY people buy from you vs. your competitors, so we want it to be poppin’. 


Building Branding Assets for Your Business 

(Try to say that headline 3 times fast.) A lot of companies think of branding as a couple of colors and a logo, and truth is, they’re not wrong, but it’s so much more than that. Let’s take a look at some of the assets we can create together:



This is self-explanatory. Maybe you went live as a business with a placeholder name and now you want to grow. Or maybe you’re starting a new business and want a killer name to stand out. We’ll work together to find the perfect name for your business that you can trademark.


Logo Creation

Logos aren’t just for business cards. They’re for your website, social media, your Google Business listing, and your customers. You need a unique, but relatable logo that you’re proud to have out in the world—one that stands out against the competition.


Style Guide Creation

It may not seem like you need a style guide from the get go, but as your business grows, you’re going to wish you had one. Your style guide ensures people follow the brand guidelines you spent so much time working on. This includes employees and future partners.


Collateral Development

If you can put your brand or logo on it, we’ll build it together. This includes business cards, packaging and postcards, among many other options for collateral. Together, each piece will carry the cohesive look of your brand.



Getting your messaging, voice, and tone right is important when it comes to attracting the right customer. Imagine if Tiffany & Co answered tweets the way that Wendy’s does. It wouldn’t make sense, would it? Whether you’re fun and free-spirited or kind and educational, your brand needs the voice and messaging to support its identity. 


Positioning Services

I talk a lot more about this in Brand Strategy, but we can work together to ensure that your brand targets the right customers the right way. This includes everything from direct mail to social media. You want to ensure your brand is where it needs to be to attract your customers and generate revenue. 


Let’s Build Your Brand Together

Want to work together to build out the perfect brand for your company (or refresh your existing brand)?

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