Plan? Check. Strategy? Double check. Once we’ve got a plan we agree on, it’s time to start executing. I’m not talking Red Weddings; I’m talking sending your campaigns out the right way at the right time. Advertising and promoting are big words, so let’s break it down into the more technical aspects of what I do.

Building campaigns designed to crush the competition

I’ve got a few cards up my sleeve, but here are a few of my most popular tactics to get your customers excited and your sales soaring.


Digital Ads:

Before we talk digital ads, let’s talk metrics. Metrics are crucial to how I build, deploy and track your digital advertisements. For clients where we engage in the digital selling of products, I focus on return on ad spend (ROAS)—for every $1 spent, I look at what our ads yielded in terms of sales. (Spoiler: I have had clients see up to $10x returns.)

Benefits of Digital Ads:

Digital ads are an awesome tool because:

  1. You can run them for as low as $1/day if you want to (that being said you get what you pay for…)
  2. You can change them or turn them off at any time
  3. You get uber detailed metrics to indicate their success-which helps in optimizing performance and creating exceptional advertising. And we all know where the devil lives (in the details).

The SDM Process:

I provide an ad plan with recommended copy, budget and ad type(s). Once approved, I get to work setting up the ads. Each day, I check them and optimize/edit them as necessary for optimum performance, and at the end of month, I provide you with a detailed report. And because I’m a rockstar, I also provide recommendations for next month. Running digital ads is hands-down the best way to expand your audience and find new, “like” customers.

Platforms and Advertising Styles I Rock:

Don’t get fooled into working with marketing companies that know Pinterest, but only dabble in Google and Facebook. You have to know the big players in marketing to understand the benefits that they can bring to the table when it comes to advertising and promoting your business. That’s why I work with:

These platforms are increasingly becoming pay to play, so you gotta be willing to pay. That being said, if you have a great product or service and know who your customer is, this is the place to reach them. This platform is sort of like approaching people where they are hanging out (vs. Google which is making sure people find you when they search). Facebook owns Instagram so the work between both platforms is seamless.

Google Ads:
Search, Shopping, Display, oh my. Google is a LOT, but think of me as your Google sherpa. I help you navigate the complexities of Google ads to ensure we are getting the right kind of traffic and results. I help customers find you, and then, I help them remember you with remarketing campaigns.

Pinterest Ads:
Look, I’ll be the first to say—Pinterest isn’t for every company. But for some clients, it’s hands down the best place to get the attention your brand deserves, and that’s why I know it better than my favorite scrapbook. If you’ve got highly visual, pin-able products, I’m likely going to come up with an advertising campaign that knocks your blog-worthy socks off.


Email Marketing:

If you’re not doing this, you’re going to have to give me a minute to catch my breath. Email marketing is hands-to-heavens THE MOST IMPORTANT tool for your brand. It’s not just because you have a direct line to your customers, it’s also because you have a list. You have your customers’ information at your fingertips. It’s great to have likes and follows on social, but guess what? You don’t own them. If Facebook peaces out tomorrow, say goodbye to your customer.

Enter, email. Tall, dark and handsome. Email is there to woo your customer, to communicate with them during the sales process, and to let them know you still think about them. Email is there to provide feedback and best of all—to get your customers to share their friends with you.

But email does so much more. For example, newsletters are a great way of reminding folks you exist and keeping your brand front of mind. Promotional emails let them know there’s a sale going on. Automations take the heavy lifting out of digital communications—and draw contacts down the funnel (especially if you have an exclusive/expensive product or service to sell).

Your website should be a tool that encourages people to subscribe for more information, and those folks that have opted-in WANT to hear about your offerings and what’s new. You aren’t spamming them with ads you aren’t sure they want to see. These folks are the real deal.

Email Platforms I work with:

  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact


Influencer Marketing:

“On Tuesdays, we wear pink.” Regina George was the original influencer. Influencer marketing is all the rage and super important if you are trying to target Millennial and Gen Z audiences. I work to identify potential influencer partnerships, reach out to them to gauge interest and then put together a promotional plan and budget for client approval. But don’t think I’m done once the posts go up. That’s only the beginning.

Good influencer marketing needs the strong backing of an integrated plan. Whether that means just sharing the posts, reusing the content for other platforms (i.e. sending out a custom campaign to be sure we get optimum visibility) etc. I help you get the most bang for your buck.

Affiliate Marketing:

Similar to influencer marketing, this can be an effective tool to get your product out there. Some influencers (and regular folks like you and me) prefer to promote brands on a commission basis. I help your team set this up, execute on it, and of course, do the follow up to ensure you’re getting the ROI you need and your influencer is happy with the partnership.

Traditional Advertising:

I take on traditional advertising on a case-by-case basis. I started my career with casino marketing, including magazine and newspaper ads, mailers, billboards, and radio, so I’ve got the skills to pay the bills. I know, I know…yawn, right? Well, being as these initiatives are being abandoned at an alarming rate-they can actually be really effective at getting the attention of your audience. My services include:

  • Direct Mail
  • Newspaper + magazine advertising
  • Radio/podcast/TV advertising


Event marketing:

When companies do tradeshows they often leave so much money on the table because they aren’t optimizing their presence. I do everything from booth branding (banners, tablecloths, table signage, collateral) to create event specific promotions designed to draw in qualified lead conversations and follow-ups, and can also help with back end support (automations, retargeting campaigns etc).


I can source potential opportunities and work directly with them to deliver the branded materials they need for a campaign. My focus is on the benefit of the sponsorship to your brand, and I like with all things marketing, I will find ways to measure the success of the sponsorship and ensure budget dollars are allocated appropriately. 


I get it—this is a lot of information. Don’t worry about identifying exactly what you need. Instead, let’s chat, and I’ll help you build out the campaign of your dreams using the right tools for the job.

Take a load off, I’ve got this.


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