5 (Ridiculously) Easy Ways To Create Brand Content

We are all well aware how important content is for marketing purposes. But time and time again we fail to produce it. Why? Because it feels too scary. There is a perception that content strategy is too time consuming or expensive. Don’t get me wrong, it can be. However there is absolutely no reason you can’t create content on a $0 budget, within the span of a few hours each month. It’s all about getting creative, and having fun with it. Read on for 5 (Ridiculously) Easy ways to create brand content.

  1. Refresh current website content– If you already have a website odds are you have some old pieces of content lying around that could use a facelift. Take that old case study, blog, or “about” section copy and turn it into a “Part 2,” or a “2019 update” to show how much things have changed (or stayed the same). You already know all of the relevant information, and most of the heavy lifting is done for you.
  2. Build off other relevant content pieces– Not sure what kind of content your audience is looking for? Go to an association blog, or type your industry into Google news. Based off content that has already been created, write your own take on an article or blog you have found. Be careful not to plagiarize– the point is to use already created content as inspiration– and be sure to credit your source.
  3. Offer to co-author a blog– Know an active blogger or content creator in your industry, or an industry complementary to yours? Ask them to co-author a blog, which you can both post to your websites. Propose some potential topics, and be clear about your time and word commitment– if possible, see if the co-author can send you their draft first so that you have something to work off of.
  4. Ask for administrative support– Know what you want to say but feel like you don’t have the time to say it? Ask an intern, admin, or other copy-loving volunteer for help fleshing out your ideas. Schedule a meeting where you come prepared with an outline and your key points. Once you have a first draft in hand, the bulk of the creation will be over and you can just make the smaller adjustments needed to post.
  5. Repurpose current content– Have a great blog that would be an even greater infographic or whitepaper? Get the help of a designer (or use one of Canva’s templates) and place it in PDF format with some design flair. Have it made available in your next newsletter, or on your social as a digital download.

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