4 Last Minute Black Friday Promotional Ideas for Retailers

Black Friday is almost here…are you prepared for the biggest shopping day of the year? If you find yourself unprepared, not to worry– there is still time! Below I have listed out 4 easy to implement digital promotion ideas to get the attention of your audience and make a big splash in sales this November 29th:

  1. Give a BIG incentive to purchase. Black Friday means sales all around, so if you are going to do one, make sure it will be attention grabbing. Now is the time to do 30-40% off your inventory, and to offer incentives like free shipping. 
  2. Provide a Freebie. If customers are buying from you on Black Friday, they are either a fan of your brand, or they are purchasing a gift for someone else. As such, you have the opportunity to give them an extra item that they can keep, or give away– a potential win for you as well if you are able to use this as an opportunity to clear out your old inventory.
  3. Launch a new product. Do you have a line of new items for the holidays? Consider teasing their arrival and launch on Black Friday to use this opportunity to drive more traffic to your website or store when purchase intent is at its highest.
  4. Give back to a cause you care about. November is a month of giving, if your brand is involved in a cause, consider doing a Black Friday promotion that provides a portion of the profits to a charity. Not only is this a great way to give back, but it turns the experience of buying from you into something more meaningful for your customers- allowing them to do good of their own. 


Black Friday and the following days (Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday) represent huge opportunities for your business– don’t miss out on your chance to make a big impact this holiday shopping season! For more information on setting up promotions for your business, or to brainstorm additional ideas for your holiday sales, contact Sunny at sunny@sunnydublick.com

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